Pastry from your own bakery
with deliciously selected ingredients
great taste

Everything we do must taste. Our pastry is enriched with pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and high fiber flakes. During the preparation of raw materials we continually check their quality and freshness.

We bake over 150 000 products a day for you

We have prepared more than 35 recipes

We import to 1 700 stores daily



Pastrami Oct 04, 2020

Gyros Pita

Gyros Pita May 18, 2020

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Crocodille Advantages

  • Delivery up to 7x per Week
  • Repurchase of Unsold Goods at Full Price
  • Lending of Sales Equipment Free of Charge
  • Service of Sales Equipment Free of Charge
  • Promotional Materials Free of Charge