We are Crocodille

We make over 150,000 baked goods for you every day

We produce 30,000,000 items a year

We deliver to 11,700 stores daily

We’ve been making baguettes for more than 30 years

Approaching middle age, but still fresh. That’s our packaged baguettes. They couldn’t be any fresher. For all of those three decades, we have been working on nothing else but their quality, taste and reliable freshness.

Tradition since 1990

Tradition since 1990

As a 17-year-old student, founder of Crocodille company sells sandwiches to tourists in Prague's Mala Strana district as a part-time job. For the first time in his life, Peter becomes the strict employer of his classmates in the rented kitchen of a diner in Mala Strana and distributes his own “rolls” to the newly emerging nightlife and music clubs.

Assembly-line production

Assembly-line production

Our first modern factory in Prague's Holešovice district witnesses the transformation of production from small-scale table-top delicacies to assembly-line production – representing a massive shift in our perception of productivity.

Moving to Žiželice nad Cidlinou

Moving to Žiželice nad Cidlinou

The Flood of 2002 – Crocodille is forced to leave Holešovice and move our production outside of Prague into our own facility--a previously purchased old canning factory in Žiželice in the Czech region of Kolín--which essentially means that we have to begin once again from the ground up.

Start of our international expansion

Start of our international expansion

Our position on the European market is strengthened.  We acquire the German sandwich producer Bakestreet.  We expand our product range to include our first hot meals--baked Panini in five flavor varieties.

We are introducing a range of frozen products

We are introducing a range of frozen products

Export to Russia and Romania begins. Production of frozen panini begins. Crocodille defends its position among the Top 100 companies in the Czech Republic.  Crocodille participates in its first ever trade fair at the Sandwich and Snack Trade Fair in Paris.

The acquisiton of a factory in Taldom

The acquisiton of a factory in Taldom

The acquisiton of a factory in Taldom, part of the Moscow area, strenghtens our position in Russia.

Entering the Finland market

Entering the Finland market

We started to supply our products to Finland.

New bakery building

New bakery building

We have opened a new bakery building equipped with the latest technology.

More than 700 employees

More than 700 employees

We have over 700 employees and produce over 26 million products a year.

Corona crisis

Corona crisis

During the days of the COVID crisis, we managed to make adjustments to fit the capabilities of the market and we launched new projects, such as packaged baked goods and rescue packages for government employees.

Pizza production line

Pizza production line

We introduced the production of Pizza products and built our own wastewater treatment plant at the factory in Žiželice.

New freezer technology

New freezer technology

We introduced freezer technology for the production of baked goods and built a new freezer warehouse with 500 pallet spaces. We expanded exports to the territory of Macedonia.

Europe is our home

The story of our baguettes started in Czechia, but continues in a purely European spirit. Today, our products are at home throughout Central Europe and in the Balkans, but also in Spain, the British Islands and the Middle East

Our own branches

  • Prague

    Crocodille ČR spol. s r.o.
    Head Office
    Poděbradská 206/57
    198 00 Prague

    +420 283 061 711

  • Brno


  • Madrid


  • Wien


  • Budapest

    Crocodille HU Kft.
    Head Office
    Rákó utca 38 1.em 4.
    1112 Budapest
    Crocodille HU Kft.

    Európa utca 6, B3
    1239 Budapest
    +36 70 452 7626

Sales agencies

  • Slovenia


  • Slovakia


  • Croatia


  • Serbia


  • Estonia


  • Finland


  • England


  • Austria


  • Georgia


  • Germany


  • Macedonia


  • Spain


  • Bosnia


  • Lithuania


  • Latvia


Crocodille in numbers

The hundreds of millions of baguettes produced in our lifetime speak for themselves, or would if they could talk. But our hundreds of employees and thousands of customers can. And we trust that their rating will be one hundred percent.

Quality certificates

  • Introduction and implementation of an HACCP concept since 1996. Certification according to IFS.
  • Quality control systems are regularly validated and verified.
  • ČMI certification for HBZ - “E” symbol

Are you hungry for work? Join us

“To make it easier, we will tell you what sort of people work for us. Most importantly, they are creative and prepared to travel new paths. Otherwise the Crocodile, Bageterie Boulevard or 360Pizza brands would not have been created and would not be where they are today. Because they all expand upon an unusual concept.”



Everything we do must taste good. Our bread is enriched with pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and flakes high in fiber. During the preparation of ingredients, we continuously check their quality and freshness.



Juicy new sandwich from our bakery. Try our new Chicken protein sandwich. The excellent combination of selected ingredients will satisfy your hunger immediately and without remorse. Chicken steak, dressing with capers, cucumbers, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce in protein bread.

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