Crocodille Group

The company mainly produces and sells packaged baguettes, sandwiches, paninis, and wraps.

We are exprès gourmet. Restaurants with a modern design and a stylish atmosphere.

360pizza is a 21st century pizzeria concept operating on the basis of self-service customer service.

Fresh Company 

30 years of tradition

1 % of the people in the Czech Republic eat with us every day. And we know one crucial thing about them: they are hungry, but don’t have much time. Meaning that we do everything to make sure they can eat well, and quickly. It’s that simple.

Although, we know something else, something not quite as simple.



What happens if you combine a crispy baguette with a chef? A crispy chef? Not really. Rather, a culinary experience available to all the hidden foodies out there. It’s also a convenient way to discover the rich and diverse gastronomy of Europe. We put it to the test. 

We approached the top European chefs and gave them a baguette and free reign. They filled their baguettes with the best of the regional cuisines of the old continent. They showed us a different way to approach fast food without compromises. That’s why we follow the motto, The chef is always right. 



Pizza is pure simplicity.
This is what makes it so complex.
It´s not just about the toppings, but also about what is inside.
The soul of a pizza is its superbly made dough.
Its slightly burnt crust is its halo.
Its face is whatever you choose it to be.
We believe that nothing else matters.

We’re number one in the making and distribution of packaged baguettes, and we’re sure we can be a number one for you.

I am happy to answer all your questions

Ing. Pavel Kittner
Director of Plant Operations
+420 725 726 035

Tomáš Doležal
Sales Director
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