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What’s the key ingredient in a baguette sandwich? A baguette. That’s why we bake them in our own bakery and tailor them to each recipe. And we fill them with only the best stuff. Give them a try!

  • 250 filled baguette recipes
  • Flowpack foil
  • Various lenghts, spreads, shapes
  • Shelf-life 5 days, 15 days
  • Carton packaging
Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets, spicy dressing and Napa cabbage

Chicken Strips

Chicken Strips

Spicy chicken strips with mayonnaise and salad

Open-Faced Gourmet

Open-Faced Gourmet

Taste of delicate open sandwiches with a selection of salamis and potato salad

Ham Eiffel

Ham Eiffel

Ham and Emmental cheese with pickled cucumber and butter

Cheese gourmet

Cheese gourmet

Camembert and Edam cheeses with egg slices and spicy dressing

Pulled pork & cheddar

Pulled pork & cheddar

Pulled pork with cheddar cheese and roasted pepper

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“To make it easier, we will tell you what sort of people work for us. Most importantly, they are creative and prepared to travel new paths. Otherwise the Crocodile, Bageterie Boulevard or 360Pizza brands would not have been created and would not be where they are today. Because they all expand upon an unusual concept.”



Everything we do must taste good. Our bread is enriched with pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and flakes high in fiber. During the preparation of ingredients, we continuously check their quality and freshness.



Juicy new sandwich from our bakery. Try our new Chicken protein sandwich. The excellent combination of selected ingredients will satisfy your hunger immediately and without remorse. Chicken steak, dressing with capers, cucumbers, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce in protein bread.

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We’re number one in the making and distribution of packaged baguettes, and we’re sure we can be a number one for you.

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